Recent Work

Design Philosophy

Authentic (‘au then tic’) 1. of undisputed origin; genuine. 2. representing one’s true nature or beliefs.

The motivation behind my work is to discover authenticity in every project. I look deep into the climate, landscape, and history of a place for design inspiration. For me, authenticity is found when a building feels as if it could not belong anywhere else.

I strive for clarity in planning by placing simple, elegant forms in direct relationship with their habitat. I take a rigorous approach to design and believe that building forms should be concise and efficient. I create a maximum experience with a minimum footprint.

I am drawn to basic, unpretentious materials that weather naturally with the landscape. I look to local vernacular architecture for material and form inspiration. I often expose the structural framework in my designs, giving clarity to the architectural statement.

I strive to create a strong sense of place through architecture.