Mariposa Garden House

Boulder, Colorado


3150 sf

Mariposa Garden House transforms a 1940s ranch home into a house of gardens and light. The design concept creates a maximum impact with a minimum footprint, prioritizing the natural environment over square foot area. The design minimally increases the original 1,750 square foot layout with higher ceilings, an open floor plan, and deep connections to the landscape.

New, energy efficient walls rise from the original foundation and follow the precise footprint of the 1940s home. The design opens up the interior floor plan, placing cooking, dining, and living functions at the center of the layout. This central volume’s 12 foot ceilings and clerestory windows draw in natural light and ventilation from all directions. Gardens at each turn of the footprint connect the rooms to light, air, and nature. An 8kW photo-voltaic array makes the home net-zero electric.

Heavy masonry and black-stained cedar siding ground the low form into the landscape. The upper bedroom and roof deck are a bird’s nest, perched up in the trees.

The focal element of the design is the two-story masonry chimney. Located at the heart of the home, the chimney serves multiple uses. The owners pass through the masonry walls when entering the home from the rear. Turning to the interior, the chimney delivers a cozy fireplace to the living area. Turning to the exterior, the chimney houses the outdoor cooking grill. Ascend upstairs and out to the master bedroom roof deck, and the chimney presents an outdoor fireplace for two.

Interior Design  Istoria Interiors
Landscape Design  Marpa Landscape Architecture
Construction  Coburn Development