Haiku House image 1

Haiku House

Maui, Hawaii

In Construction


Located on a former pineapple plantation under the Haleakala Volcano, Haiku House emodies the climate, culture, and landscape of Hawaii.  The design is inspired by local vernacular farm buildings, reinforcing the agricultural quality of the site. The massing is broken down into three discrete forms to create an appropriate scale for this agrarian site.

The post-on-pier construction lifts the house above grade to encourage cooling trade winds to circulate beneath the structure. Large expanses of glass can be opened on both sides of the house to create indoor-outdoor living. Low slope roofs and deep overhangs protect the house from the sun and rain. Simple, durable materials such as ipe siding, aluminum frame windows, and a standing seam metal roof keep the house low maintenance.


Haiku house is currently under construction.