At renée del gaudio architecture we do not strive for style, we strive for meaning. We are not interested in complicated, over-designed details, we are interested in raw, unadorned authenticity. We look deep into the climate, landscape, and history of a place for design inspiration. We strive to create a strong sense of place through architecture.

Design Philosophy

simplicity | We take a rigorous approach to design and believe that building forms should be concise and efficient. We combine and overlap uses to eliminate unnecessary and redundant spaces. We think of architecture as minimal intervention.

materiality | We are drawn to basic, unpretentious materials that weather naturally with the landscape. We look to local vernacular architecture for material inspiration. We often expose the structural framework in our buildings, giving clarity to the architectural statement.

authenticity | While we will always work within the modern tradition, our ideas are grounded in region and culture. We believe an authentic design solution has been found when a building exhibits a clear identification with its environment and the people who live inside.

sustainability | Our environmental philosophy is simple – allow the climate and landscape to work for the building, not against it. We take a holistic approach and put energy use at the core of the conceptual design. Beginning with a building’s unique orientation on it’s site, we take advantage of the rotation of the sun, the direction of the wind, and the locations of trees to heat and cool our buildings passively. We then employ active systems, like solar arrays and solar-thermal heating, to supplement the natural environment.