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The Lookout

Boulder, CO

Under Construction


The Lookout explores how small spaces can spark inspiration with thoughtful gestures. When a form is reduced to its bare elements, every element of the form grows in impact. The house sits alongside a dramatic rock outcropping which provides shelter from the north. A narrow deck cantilevers out over the forest and creates an unexpected mountain view. Steel legs under the bedroom anchor directly into the rock outcropping and create a sense of belonging. Late afternoon sunlight filters through clerestory windows creating angles of light. These gestures lift us out of the ordinary into an inspired state of mind.

A 4kW rooftop photo-voltaic array will far exceed the home’s power needs, with no electric illumination required during daylight hours. An airtight building envelope is created with continuous insulation around the exterior of the framed walls and roof. A radiant concrete slab and a high efficiency wood burning stove provide heating. Floor-to-ceiling casement windows and an airy interior space allow for natural cross ventilation.

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